Song In C-Major And Increasing Chord Change Speed

Keep it slow and steady playing C-Major and G-Major guitar chords using the pick strum pattern. In this section I will show you some tips on how to increase your chord change speed in the left hand.

C-Major x 2 (pick, strum, pick, strum)
G-Major x 2 (pick, strum, pick, strum)
C-Major x 1 (pick, strum)
G-Major x 1 (pick, strum)
C-Major x 1 (strum only)


Make a chord squeeze and release in quick light pulses without leaving the strings for 50- 100 reps. This is another great TV exercise.

Having trouble getting the changes on time? Try doing push ups (watch the next video for more information).

Using the metronome for building chord speed in the left hand (watch the next video). Start at 30 bpm and work your goal to 200. In most cases 200 bpm on these changes will get you through the majority of songs.

Depending on the combination your gains could be measured 10 to 100 bpm per week. The main thing to keep in mind is progress. If you are making gains then you are doing something right, stay at it. Without using a metronome it’s hard to measure improvement.

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