Level 101 is a continuation of the first 100 levels, officially you are continuing your learning as an intermediate player and musician.


Different resources may have their own opinion but in general an intermediate player has learned some basic skills requiring about a year of steady practice. The pre-requisite for “Levels for Guitar” intermediate levels are:

  • Picking – Holding the pick properly and the ability to sustain alternate drills on one string at 120 beats per minute using eighth notes and triplets. I have my beginners working on inside and outside string crossing drills but they are based on sound picking technique.
  • Strumming – The ability to read and strum basic rhythm patterns in 4/4 and ¾ time. My beginners are able to count and perform half, quarter, 8th, and 16th notes with ties.
  • Scales –  All five forms of the minor pentatonic scale at 60 – 80 bpm on the metronome using straight and swing rhythm with alternate picking.
  • Slur technique – The ability to play ascending and descending slurs (hammer-on and pull-offs) using all five forms of the minor pentatonic scale at 60 bpm.
  • Chords – Memorization and the ability to switch between changes of open stringed major, minor, and 7th chords. The ability to play power chords comfortably across the neck. The ability to switch between the bar chords B-Minor and F#-Major comfortably.
  • Music theory and knowledge of the guitar – How to construct major scales in all keys. How to construct major, minor, power, and 7th chords/arpeggios in all keys. The ability to find any note on the guitar quickly.

Providing you have completed the Beginner Guitar I or you meet the prerequisites listed above, its time to get started! Every 10 levels we will update your practice routine using the above categories.

We will be adding improvisation and lead guitar levels as your knowledge base increases.

The heat will be turned up as your skills improve. At the same time it’s okay if you cannot reach the goal tempo on a given exercise. If you are not fast enough then focus more on technique and perfect rhythm. Slow down the metronome and play the exercise perfectly with confidence before moving on to the next level. If you do that, your skills will improve with time.

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Module 1Level 101 to Level 110
Unit 1Level 101 - String Crossing Development
Unit 2Level 102 - Guitar Strumming Patterns
Unit 3Level 103 - Finger Picking Technique (The Squeeze)
Unit 4Level 104 - The Sequence
Unit 5Level 105 - The Hammer-On Pull-Off Slur
Unit 6Level 106 - Blues Shuffle Using A6 Chord
Unit 7Level 107 - “12 Bar Blues In A” Using The 6th Chord Shuffle
Unit 8Level 108 - 6th Chord Construction
Unit 9Level 109 - Music Theory Quiz
Unit 10Level 110 - Guitar Practice Routine
Module 2Level 111 to Level 120
Unit 1Level 111 - Guitar Picking Drills
Unit 2Level 112 - Guitar Strumming Patterns Using The Triplet
Unit 3Level 113 - PIMA Arpeggio Finger Picking
Unit 4Level 114 - Sequence Over Form III A-Minor Pentatonic
Unit 5Level 115 - The Pull-Off Hammer-On Slur
Unit 6Level 116 - Must be Spanish
Unit 7Level 117 - CAGED System for Learning Guitar Chords (C-Form)
Unit 8Level 118 - Add9 Chord Construction
Unit 9Level 119 - Music Theory Quiz
Unit 10Level 120 - Guitar Practice Routine
Module 3Level 121 to Level 130
Unit 1Level 121 - Guitar Picking Drill For Building Speed
Unit 2Level 122 - Guitar Strumming Patterns In ¾ Time
Unit 3Level 123 - PAMI Arpeggio Finger Picking
Unit 4Level 124 - Sequence Over Form V A-Minor Pentatonic Scale
Unit 5Level 125 - Slash Chords
Unit 6Level 126 - C-Form Country Thang Song
Unit 7Level 127 - Sus4 Chord Construction
Unit 8Level 128 - "When Suspensions Resolve" Song
Unit 9Level 129 - Music Theory Quiz
Unit 10Level 130 - Guitar Practice Routine
Module 4Level 131 to Level 140
Unit 1Level 131 - Guitar Picking Drills To Build Speed
Unit 2Level 132 - Guitar Strumming Patterns
Unit 3Level 133 - Finger Picking Technique PIMAMI Arpeggio
Unit 4Level 134 - C-Major Scale Form I
Unit 5Level 135 - The Major Chord Scale
Unit 6Level 136 - Chord Scale Song in C
Unit 7Level 137 - CAGED System For Learning Chords (A-Form)
Unit 8Level 138 - Oldies-Style Rock 'n' Roll Song In B-Major
Unit 9Level 139 - Music Theory Quiz
Unit 10Level 140 - Guitar Practice Routine
Module 5Level 141 to Level 150
Unit 1Level 141 - Must Be Spanish Part II For Flatpicking Arpeggios
Unit 2Level 142 - Slap & Mute Strumming Patterns
Unit 3Level 143 - PAMIMA Arpeggio Finger-Style Technique
Unit 4Level 144 - C-Major Scale Form II
Unit 5Level 145 - CAGED System For Learning Chords (G-Form)
Unit 6Level 146 - The G-Form Song
Unit 7Level 147 - The Chord Progression
Unit 8Level 148 - Cycle Of 5ths & Cycle Of 4ths
Unit 9Level 149 - Music Theory Quiz
Unit 10Level 150 - Guitar Practice Routine