The focus of Intermediate Guitar II will be towards learning how to improvise melodies over traditional harmony. In other words, we’re learning how to play lead guitar!

The foundations for this skill have been set in Beginner Guitar I and Intermediate Guitar I providing the student is up to date on levels 1-150. Level 151 picks up where we left off in Intermediate Guitar I. 

The prerequisite for Intermediate Guitar II levels are:

  • Picking – The ability to alternate pick 16th and six-tuplet speed burst at 60–100 bpm. String crossing drill from Level 101 sustained for one minute at 60-70 bpm. Flat picking arpeggios from Level 141 using six-tuplets at 60-100 bpm (triplets at 30-50 bpm).
  • Strumming – The ability to read and strum basic rhythm patterns in 4/4 and ¾ time. Counting and performing half, quarter, 8th, and 16th notes with ties. Subdividing the count into triplets using 8th notes.
  • Finger Picking – Arpeggios using PIMA, pima, PIMAMI, and PAMIMA with a steady count.
  • Scales – All five forms of the minor pentatonic scale at 80 bpm on the metronome using straight and swing 8th notes. The sequence over all five forms using triplet rhythm with alternate picking at 80 bpm. The C-major scale forms I and II at 60 bpm using 8th notes.
  • Slur Technique –  The ability to play Hammer-On Pull-Off and Pull-Off Hammer-On using all five forms of the minor pentatonic scale at 60-120 bpm.
  • Chords – Memorization and the ability to switch between changes of open stringed major, minor, and 7th chords. The ability to play power chords comfortably across the neck. The ability to switch between the bar chords B-Minor and F#-Major comfortably. The 6th chord shuffle for blues. The ability to play the (CAGED) C-Form, A-Form, and G-Form comfortably across the neck.
  • Music theory and knowledge of the guitar – How to construct major scales in all keys. How to construct major, minor, power, sus4, add9, slash chords, 6th, and 7th chords/arpeggios in all keys. The ability to find any note on the guitar quickly. Understanding of the cycle of 4ths and 5ths. Understanding of the major chord scale and how chord progressions are constructed.

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Module 1Level 151 to Level 160
Unit 1Level 151 - 16th Note Picking Drills 
Unit 2Level 152 - Guitar Strumming Patterns 
Unit 3Level 153 - Finger Picking 
Unit 4Level 154 - C-Major Scale Form III 
Unit 5Level 155 - CAGED System For Learning Chords (D & E Forms) 
Unit 6Level 156 - "Feelin' Up Beat" Song 
Unit 7Level 157 - Chord/Scale Relationships 
Unit 8Level 158 - Improvisation/Lead Guitar 
Unit 9Level 159 - Music Theory Quiz 
Unit 10Level 160 - Guitar Practice Routine 
Module 2Level 161 to Level 170
Unit 1Level 161 - Chord/Scale Relationships II 
Unit 2Level 162 - Improvisation/Lead Guitar II 
Unit 3Level 163 - Travis Picking 
Unit 4Level 164 – C-Major Scale Form IV 
Unit 5Level 165 - Memory Trick For Memorizing Major Scales (Sharped Keys) 
Unit 6Level 166 – Memory Trick For Memorizing Major Scales (Flatted Keys) 
Unit 7Level 167 - Major Scales Using 16th Notes 
Unit 8Level 168 - “Chuck” Technique For Strumming 
Unit 9Level 169 - Music Theory Quiz 
Unit 10Level 170 - Guitar Practice Routine 
Module 3Level 171 to Level 180
Unit 1Level 171 – Chord/Scale Relationships III 
Unit 2Level 172 – Improvisation/Lead Guitar III 
Unit 3Level 173 – Travis Picking II 
Unit 4Level 174 – C-Major Scale Form V 
Unit 5Level 175 – Chord/Scale Relationships IV 
Unit 6Level 176 – Improvisation/Lead Guitar IV 
Unit 7Level 177 - The Relative Minor 
Unit 8Level 178 - The Major Pentatonic Scale 
Unit 9Level 179 - Music Theory Quiz 
Unit 10Level 180 – Guitar Practice Routine 
Module 4Level 181 to Level 190
Unit 1Level 181 – Chord/Scale Relationships V 
Unit 2Level 182 – Improvisation/Lead Guitar V 
Unit 3Level 183 - Integration Of The Major Pentatonic Scale Into Practice 
Unit 4Level 184 - Double Stops 
Unit 5Level 185 – Chord/Scale Relationships VI 
Unit 6Level 186 – Improvisation/Lead Guitar VI 
Unit 7Level 187 - Moving Between Major Scale Forms 
Unit 8Level 188 – Chord/Scale Relationships VII 
Unit 9Level 189 – Improvisation/Lead Guitar VII 
Unit 10Level 190 – Guitar Practice Routine 
Module 5Level 191 to Level 200
Unit 1Level 191 – Travis Picking III 
Unit 2Level 192 - Travis Picking IV 
Unit 3Level 193 – Chord/Scale Relationships VIII 
Unit 4Level 194 - The Motif 
Unit 5Level 195 – Improvisation/Lead Guitar VIII 
Unit 6Level 196 – Chord/Scale Relationships IX 
Unit 7Level 197 - Palm Muting 
Unit 8Level 198 – Improvisation/Lead Guitar IX 
Unit 9Level 199 – Music Theory Quiz 
Unit 10Level 200 – Guitar Practice Routine