Learn the fundamentals of guitar and sight reading with confidence by having access to over 400 videos and 200 plus lessons.


Develop guitar and music mastery by using progressive practice routines that are updated every tenth lesson.


Lessons are incremental and linear teaching a single concept or skill per a level to avoid discouragement and confusion.


Lessons provide benchmarks so you know when to move forward allowing you to see real, measurable progress.

I found the lessons to be clear, concise, and easy to follow.

Woody Hearn

I found Levels For Guitar to be a very refreshing guitar learning experience. You are not forced to jump around or left wondering what you should learn next.


The content is very solid and it takes a clear, systematic approach.

Sarah G.

“I really think that kids could learn guitar very easily with this. Not just guitar, but music theory and everything they would need to learn other instruments in the future more easily. I am so very thankful that we have this to use. Big thanks to Levels For Guitar for creating such an amazing study program!”

Tiffany Taylor

Straight forward and easy to follow…

Josh Morris

I have been trying to learn guitar with books and videos, but didn’t get very and was feeling disappointed and dumb. But I got to using Levels For Guitar and it has just been amazing!

Arlene Arredondo


I have spent thousands of dollars on DVDs online courses and memberships with no success. After several attempts and lots of frustration, I happened by chance to come across Levels For Guitar. I could not believe how I found a step by step program which will take you from A to Z, and actually teach you everything you need to become a accomplished guitarist.

What I like so much about Levels For Guitar is the lessons and how it’s a structured program. Each level has about ten lesson and at the end of each level has a follow along practice session on video which guides you through the entire lesson. What I noticed with this course is it cuts through all the filler content like other sites and teaches you the essential techniques that are necessary at becoming a well rounded guitarist. After trying multiple courses I know this one is the right one for me. Trust me every lesson and the way they are structured and in the right order to lead you through each step is amazing.

The first lessons are awesome and the alternating picking techniques are bar none the best I have ever seen. Everyone needs these techniques in the very beginning to become a well rounded guitarist. Each lesson keeps you motivated and in touch with the learning process and you become interested and have the desire to continue with each lesson. Jason Is a fantastic teacher and has the ability to capture your enthusiasm to practice to reach your next level.

I love how you never have to wonder what order or what to learn next because Jason does all that for you in a well structured step by step program. From my experience with many other courses you become lost and frustrated from lack of direction and that is why I think so many quit playing guitar. Levels For Guitar is a breath of fresh air and I can’t wait every day for my next lesson and look forward to my journey of becoming the best guitarist I can be. Take it from me you will not be disappointed, you will be blown away with your new knowledge and things will just become easier each and every day.

Jason! Thank you for developing such a wonderful site and providing a great course that is fun, but challenging and motivates me to continue to work harder each and everyday.

~Alan Tarbell, Lifetime All Access Member