You are prompted to log in or register even though you just logged in

If you are having trouble access course content after signing up, this is caused by your browser caching pages of the Levels For Guitar website from prior to signing up. You can try refreshing your cache on the pages you are accessing. But the most effective method to resolving this issue is to clear your browser cache.

To force a page to refresh:

Windows: CTRL + F5

Macintosh / Mac OS: APPLE + R or COMMAND + R

Linux: F5

If refreshing the cache on the problem page does not work, clear your browser cache.

To learn more about your browser cache or how to clear your browser cache, please visit the REFRESH YOUR CACHE website.


How to contact us

We offer two ways to contact us:

1) You can use our CONTACT US page at this link.

2) You can use our contact/chat system by clicking the orange chat icon in the lower right hand corner of any Levels For Guitar web page.

How to cancel your membership

If you wish to cancel your membership, there are a couple ways to cancel your account:

1) Browse to your ACCOUNT & DASHBOARD page. At the top of the page under MY MEMBERSHIPS in the first column you will see Change and Cancel. Click Cancel to access the cancel membership page.


2) You can access the cancel membership page from this link.

NOTE: Once the process to cancel is started, please allow a minute or so to complete. Clicking the cancel link several times will create errors even though the process is completed successfully. If you have questions or concerns about your membership, please contact us.