About Jason Earnheart

Jason Earnheart received his Bachelors in Performance for Classical Guitar from the University of North Texas in 2000.

He has played in multiple Rock bands, given countless solo performances in Classical Guitar and continues his passion as a full-time guitar teacher teaching kids and adults alike how to play guitar.

Jason still loves to perform, but his heart is in teaching. Over the last 15 years, Jason has had the privilege of helping his students to pursue their passions and dreams. He has enjoyed watching his students develop in their music studies allowing them jam with their buddies, creating their own bands, or strive for their Masters in music.

Jason has helped to lay the musical foundation for former students like Joseph Palmer, who went on to launch a career as a world class Classical guitarist in teaching and performance.

Today Jason continues to learn as he teaches students in person and as a guitar teacher online. He has been fortunate to enjoy continued learning from great teachers of music and guitar over the years.

If you are here to take guitar lessons online, sign up and get started today. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner guitar player or more advanced. You can learn to play on an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar.