Before attempting this course the student will need a basic understanding of guitar technique and music theory covered up to Level 020 of Beginner Guitar I.

Sight Reading will cover the following:

  • An overview of introductory sight reading terms. The treble clef, the staff, the lines and spaces of the musical staff, ledger lines, the time signature, a measure, etc.
  • Ten levels dedicated to mastering the first position of the neck. This covers the entire treble clef and three ledger lines underneath the staff.
  • Each level is designed to progress the student seamlessly into the next level of sight reading. The student will begin reading notes on the 1st string until mastered. After that a new string is introduced, mastered, and combined with the previous string. After six levels the student will have completed the entire first position with four more levels of reinforcement drills remaining.
  • The student will master counting and performing rhythm notation using whole notes, half notes, dotted half notes, quarter notes, quarter rest, dotted quarter notes, eighth notes, eighth rest, and sixtenth notes as part of the sight reading course.
  • Video instruction with detailed explanation of each exercise. The student will have a clear understanding and approach to every sight reading drill.

The primary focus is to develop the students’ knowledge of the first position with regard to sight reading single notes. By doing so the rest of the fret board becomes much more efficient and enjoyable to learn.

This also paves the way for reading multiple notes at once. The first position of the guitar is by far the most used in just about any style of music. In classical guitar there is a wealth of music waiting to be read and performed on this area of the fret board.

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