How To Hold A Pick

For general guitar instruction I like to start off with how to hold a pick. Finger style techniques will be covered in later levels.

Holding the wrist straight with curved fingers place the base of the thumb over the side of the index finger at the last joint. This should create an “O” shape and the crossing of the thumb and finger should create a “T” shape. The remaining fingers should be relaxed.

Doing so will create a tunnel effect as the other fingers will follow the same contour as the index finger. It feels like you are holding a flag pole in this position. Place the pick between the side of the finger and the base of the thumb with the pointed end facing the same general direction as the index finger.

The long direction of the pick (base to point) runs parallel with the index finger. The short direction of the pick (side to side) runs parallel with the thumb. Think of the pick as a long fingernail. No more than a half centimeter should stick out past the thumb.

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