E-Minor And A-Minor Guitar Chords

Using scale technique, you should be able to learn and play some basic guitar chords such as the E-Minor and A-Minor. The guitar chord diagrams down below are both popular for teaching chords on the guitar.

The vertical lines represent strings and the horizontal lines represent frets. The numbers represent left hand finger positions.

X” (closed) means do not play the string.

O” (open position) means play the string without pushing a note.

Proper guitar fretting includes making sure you curve your fingers and play using the fingertips. It’s a good idea to keep your fingernails clipped. Apply just enough pressure to cause the string to touch the fret. Avoid blocking another string by keeping the fingers perpendicular to the strings. Any slant could block a string.

Two things will cause you not to get sound:

1) Lack of pressure

2) Blocking a note

Your thumb should be positioned somewhere behind the second fingertip and remember to keep the wrist straight.With the pick strum downward on the assigned strings.

Listen for blocked notes by playing each string individually with the pick. Sometimes pushing too hard or pulling on the string can cause tuning problems so lighten up and don’t bend the strings if this is the case.

Before moving to the next chord make sure that the E-Minor guitar chord is clean.


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