Learn To Play Electric Guitar



If you said yes and are looking for electric guitar lessons online, you have come to the right place.

Levels for Guitar is designed to teach both acoustic and electric guitar styles. The electric guitar is perfect for overdriven leads and heavy metal crunch that only that type of instrument can deliver. With today’s inventory of available amplifiers and pedal effects the sound possibilities for lead or rhythm are infinite when combined with the electric guitar.

Playing the Ramones on an acoustic may sound okay, but it will seem like something is missing. That something is the distortion and overdrive effects only to be had with an electric guitar.

At Levels for Guitar you will learn specifically:

  • How to hold the electric guitar with and without a strap
  • Proper right hand position for the electric guitar
  • Picking and strumming technique as it relates to the electric guitar
  • Both rhythm and lead playing as they relate to the electric guitar

Levels for Guitar is continuing to expand our content into more advanced lessons. The more advanced content will leverage music theory and have increased emphasis on modern styles like Blues. The electric guitar is perfect for Blues styles due to its expressive edge.

Bending strings is an example of this.

While bending strings is common on acoustic guitars, the electric guitar has a distinct advantage in this phrasing technique due to the flexibility of the strings. Add to this the tonal possibilities pedal effects can deliver and you get some very expressive music.

For beginner guitar players, a properly set up electric guitar is easier to play than an acoustic guitar due to its low action (string height) and smaller body. The neck is usually thinner which makes reaching the frets easier. This can be a distinct advantage to children or adults with smaller hands.

The entire program at Levels for Guitar is designed to help you with both acoustic and electric guitars. Sign up and take advantage of our guitar lessons online and reap the benefits of learning how to play guitar with us.