​​​Hi friends.  

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been a full time private guitar teacher in Rockwall, Texas for over 20 years now!  That’s over 60,000 guitar lessons!  Along the way ​I have become quite efficient at teaching students in the most popular styles of music. Rock, Blues, Country, and Classical guitar have been my forte over the years.


​One thing I’ve been especially good at is getting the beginner student out of the starting blocks quickly.  I credit this to front-loading the fundamentals of guitar technique and music theory in advance of learning popular songs.  

Being trained in traditional Classical Guitar, I understand the importance of proper body alignment to the instrument.  Like a gymnast the guitarist trains certain muscles for a specific skill set.  

These skills require flexibility and strength that cannot be mastered over night.  Muscles need time to grow and stretch.  Yes, even the guitarist needs a steady workout routine.  We are in a way… skilled athletes.

​​"​For actually starting at the basics and progressing forward, I feel that you are better than Guitar Tricks! I’ve tried most of them and I wish I had found you sooner! I love the way you are organized and laid out!"



​Over the years I have developed a detailed step by step practice routine that I use for my local students.  Today I’m hoping to share this process with my online students. It’s so much easier in the beginning of a student’s development to ingrain solid fundamentals.

In ​the video below, Aidan performs Andantino by Fernando Carulli.  Aidan had only been studying the Classical Guitar with me for just over ​four months before recording this video.  

His fundamental techniques had already been developed with me before taking on this style of music.  It was a fairly easy transfer into the Classical Guitar.  I love working with the youngsters.  

Good work Aidan!

"​...an absolute goldmine."

​“For anyone interested in pursuing any style of guitar with Levels For Guitar, Jason Earnheart is an absolute goldmine.”


​Former Student ​​& Award ​Winning ​Classical ​Guitarist


​So I’ve always had this vision… and it​ was never about becoming a rock star.  Looking back, long hair and tight jeans were never my strong suit. The hair thing especially as I am losing it daily in my 40s. Anyways, I have always had a coaching mentality.  At one point I almost went full-time into personal training if you can believe that. ​I could have ​easily become a math or science teacher, but my heart was in music.  

Teaching music and watching dedicated students develop into solid guitar players was and still is the perfect fit for me.  I get to see this every day at work and I love being there​. So much so that I want to share the gift of music with everyone. That’s the vision.  I’ll gladly leave the glory of long hair and tight jeans to my students as I watch them perform from the stadium stands in my jumpsuit.  

So to expand on this vision, my partner Chris and I made this website available worldwide for greater reach.  Now I have people from all over the United States, Mexico, England, Saudi Arabia, India, Australia, Germany, and Canada learning how to play guitar on this website right now.  

It’s a fantastic rush whenever I get emails from people across the world.  People I have never met sharing with me what they have learned by watching my videos.  It’s as if I have friends on every continent.  

It’s crazy that some guy in a war zone overseas signed up while rockets and bullets were exploding around him. He is learning guitar anyway… why not? Today I can reach everyone anywhere with this website and it’s awesome!

Right now our company is small but growing ​as compared to the other online giants like Fender and Guitar Tricks with thousands of members on their rosters.  ​Perhaps one day this project will catch on and our dreams of reaching the masses will be realized.

This work is hard but the potential is enormous. I get the pleasure of working with my good friend and business partner Chris Harris. I do the teaching and Chris ​takes care of the business and technical details.  It keeps us in touch and that’s a good thing.

"​...would absolutely recommend Levels For Guitar to any guitar enthusiast..."

​“I am extremely thankful for the time I spent with Jason and would absolutely recommend Levels For Guitar to any guitar enthusiast looking to advance with their instrument.”


​Former Student & Guitarist For Jagged Row


​So guess what?

I’m not a celebrity. Disappointed?  

I admit that I am not a rock star ​which is great news for my students.  

First, I’m available for teaching.  Rock stars are too busy touring with their band and have no time for students.  Second, rock stars are really good at one thing… being rock stars. I have dedicated my professional life to teaching guitar.  This matters because teaching is a developed skill much like performing.  The more you teach, the better you get at teaching.  

Advanced students might be able to keep up with a full time performer in a lesson. From my experience full time performers who are not experienced teachers are out of touch with beginners and move way too fast.  They have no study plan for getting the beginner student started.

Though I enjoy watching video tutorials of my favorite guitarist, if I were a complete beginner, I would be totally lost.  I’m sure some of you have tried this and failed.  It’s not your fault.  Just keep in mind that famous guitar players don’t necessarily make the best of teachers.

In closing I want ​you to know that I am the only teacher on this website.  I feel that having the same teacher throughout the course gives the study plan more continuity and consistency as compared to the other online giants. In fact ​the lack of continuity is a common complaint that I get from students about the study guides they have come across.

When browsing a few of the guitar mega sites I have noticed gaps in instruction and lack of organization due to their cataloguing of videos from different teachers into one course.  Their content seemed a bit disconnected from one lesson to the other.  

My aim is to eliminate this altogether.  My step by step lessons are detailed and comprehensive.   There are hundreds of lessons that will take you from a beginner well into the intermediate stages of development.  A ​beginner should be able to understand the content from start to finish.


​I acquired my Bachelors in Performance for Classical Guitar at the University of North Texas in 2000 with a minor in Music Theory. It was during this time that I developed an appreciation and understanding for how important fundamentals and music theory are to becoming a great guitar player and musician.

I have played in multiple rock bands and given countless classical guitar solo performances. I am familiar with the pressure that comes with playing in front of people and large crowds. A solid foundation and correct learning helped me to keep my wits and avoid making mistakes when I was under stress.

I have been a teacher for two decades now. I have real world experience in teaching guitar lessons to a wide range of students covering those who have never touched a guitar to those who have already developed some talent and skill. Not only do I enjoy teaching guitar but I continue to learn what is the most effective and efficient way to learn how to play a guitar.



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    ​Learn from a professional teacher: ​​talented or celebrity guitar players do not always make for good teachers. All the content I have created is based on ​two decades of teaching and playing experience.
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    ​Save time, money and frustration: ​​avoid poorly organized ​guitar lessons​ online, inexperienced teachers, ​novice mistakes and instead focus on making real progress.
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    ​60 Day money back guarantee: ​if you try ​​our online guitar lessons and think they are the best, we will give your money back. It's as simple as that, your happiness and satisfaction is paramount.





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"​I found Levels For Guitar to be a very refreshing guitar learning experience..."

​"I found Levels For Guitar to be a very refreshing guitar learning experience. You are not forced to jump around or left wondering what you should learn next."


"​Big thanks to Levels For Guitar for creating such an amazing study program..."

​"I really think that kids could learn guitar very easily with this. Not just guitar, but music theory and everything they would need to learn other instruments in the future more easily. I am so very thankful that we have this to use. Big thanks to Levels For Guitar for creating such an amazing study program!"


"​...I got to using Levels For Guitar and it has just been amazing!"

​"I have been trying to learn guitar with books and videos, but didn't get very far and was feeling disappointed and dumb. But I got to using Levels For Guitar and it has just been amazing!"



Don't let this pass you by. Whether you want to play and never tried or have tried and failed many times, you have nothing to lose by trying our online beginner guitar lessons. You have everything you need to be successful, it all starts with the first step and some dedication.

“Most people are prisoners, thinking only about the future or living in the past. They are not in the present, and the present is where everything begins.”

~Carlos Santana


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