• Small chunks of information presented in an incremental, linear fashion which means no gaps in the learning.
  • There is no guesswork on what the next lesson is or when to progress.
  • Benchmarks are part of the curriculum, students know when to move to forward and when to stay.
  • There are quizzes to help with knowledge retention and practice routines to keep up with newly acquired skills and retain previously learned skills.
  • Course work is always being updated and expanded.

I studied classical guitar with Jason Earnheart throughout my years in high school. It was during this time the essential foundations of my guitar playing were built.

The consistency with which he drove in a solid technical routine was perhaps the most crucial element, leading me to achieve a remarkable degree of fluidity and control over the instrument during the course of our lessons together.

I was incredibly fortunate to have found him as my first guitar instructor – For anyone interested in pursuing any style of guitar with Levels For Guitar, Jason Earnheart is an absolute goldmine.

Joseph Palmer, world renowned classical guitarist

I really think that kids could learn guitar very easily with this. Not just guitar, but music theory and everything they would need to learn other instruments in the future more easily. I am so very thankful that we have this to use. Big thanks to Levels For Guitar for creating such an amazing study program!

Tiffany Taylor

What we offer is a music based education with all that is needed to develop students who are more competent at guitar and music far beyond most guitar players.

Jason Earnheart  teaches guitar and music lessons using methods that encourages success. He does this with exceptional guitar lessons that build on a single concept, skill or idea at a time. He breaks the information down to its smallest chunks and builds on those chunks incrementally. His methods allows for young students to learn guitar with a high degree of success.

Jason has determined through his extensive experience that the path to becoming an exceptional guitar player is through the fundamentals of guitar playing and music theory. Levels For Guitar teaches the techniques, skills and knowledge to develop a guitar player who is independent and versatile.

The path to guitar mastery is a process requiring time, fundamentals, and consitent practice. Levels For Guitar ascribes to the growth mindset, believing natural talent or musical ability is not required. Instead musical talent and ability is created through the consistent working of the process provided by Levels For Guitar.