Chord Switching Mastery – Part I

Are you struggling at with quick chord switching?

Having trouble memorizing chords?

I have two guitar tricks that will help you to switch between chords faster and more accurately. This online guitar lesson will benefit the beginner, intermediate, and advanced guitarist. The first guitar trick is called push-ups which is also covered in Level 017. Don’t panic, you don’t need gym clothes for this exercise. If fact, if you do this guitar trick right, you will not get tired.

Here is how it works:

Using proper chord technique lightly position your fingers over the chord that is giving you trouble. Your fingers should be making very light contact with the strings. Next, squeeze the strings until they touch the frets. You should squeeze just hard enough to get sound (if you were to strum the chord) but do not play the chord. This is purely a fretting exercise.

Relax the hand while maintaining contact with the strings. The strings will be in contact with your fingers but no longer contacting the frets. You are now back in the starting position.

You just did one push-up!

Now, lightly squeeze again, then relax keeping contact with the strings. That’s two push-ups.

Squeeze, relax, squeeze, relax, etc. Once you get the hang of it you can quickly pulse you fingers against the frets and generate a ton of repetitions in a very short amount of time. The old school way of training chord switching was to completely remove the fingers from the strings and play the chord again. Let’s do the math. One repetition the old way versus 10 to 20 repetitions using push-up technique. You will notice results immediately- do it!

Stay posted. In the next post I will show you the fastest way to increase your chord changing speed using the metronome!

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