Beginner Guitar Lessons

We are happy to announce the completion of our beginner guitar lessons membership. We have incorporated 100 beginner levels for learning guitar that cover music theory, playing technique, chords, strumming and more. The beginner levels have been put together in such a manner as to eliminate the learning gaps that prevent people from progressing in their guitar practice and studies.

There is a plethora of free and paid resources on how to play guitar which may have you asking why use Levels for Guitar? Those resources often seem to be plagued with certain issues that tend to discourage those learning to play guitar. Often times these resources have learning gaps that prevent you from understanding how to get from point A to point B or they do not adequately structure their content to get you started in the right place with a clear path of direction.

The approach taken here at Levels for Guitar is not only simplification of learning by breaking guitar learning down into its smallest manageable components, but to provide you with structure and direction that is clear and concise. We have attempted to put together everything you need to understand the guitar and how music works.

Our 100 beginner guitar lessons or levels as we call them are clearly written with most levels including videos of how to perform the lesson. Each video is filmed in high definition that is crisp and clear and we use a professional microphone to provide distraction free audio that sounds good. We accompany these videos with any of the necessary resources needed to aid your learning and practice.

If you complete all 100 beginner guitar lessons we have put together, you will be considered an intermediate player ready to begin intermediate lessons to work your way to being an advanced guitar player.

The guitar lessons contained within the beginner membership can be used as an accompaniment to lessons with a guitar teacher or by themselves if you do not have access to a teacher. We believe with time, consistency and proper practice, you will be amazed at the results you will achieve with our beginner guitar lessons online.

We would like to invite you to try out our beginner guitar lessons for one month free and see for yourself if Levels for Guitar can help you with your quest to learn guitar.

Check out our FAQ if you have questions or feel free to contact us.

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